1. P

    For Sale Cashews and almonds for bulk selling - Across India.

    Cashews and Almonds for sale -- Bulk purchase will be at whole sale price. -- Can be shipped across India. For quotations please drop your details or send a message.
  2. J

    The Reason of Oil Press Machine Wholesale Market Develop Fast

    In recent years, the Oil Press Machine Wholesale market develop fast in China and exported countries, there are many reasons: Firstly, The oil press machine wholesale in accordance with the demand of people, now with the different types of oil press machines, people have a lot of choice, they...
  3. J

    Oil Press Machine Wholesale Reduce the Price of Oil Press Machine

    For most peasant and food processing manufacturer, the oil press machine plays an important role in the production. As we all know, in the eighties, oil press mainly rely on manpower, people seldom use the oil press machine for the high cost. Nowadays, with the technology developing, the oil...
  4. P

    looking for rice n pulses wholeseller from uttar pradesh

    I want to buy the best quality rice n pulses in bulk from uttar pradesh, directly from the rice millers companies. Pl send your quotes for per quintal price along with variety name, area of source farm land, and any transport cost to NCR. For daily eating.
  5. gopikrish6

    Areawise Distributors Wanted - 40% Margin - No Deposit - Herbal Hair Oil

    Gileadh Herbal Hair Oil 1.Controls Hair Fall 2.Enables faster hair growth 3.Promotes new Hair growth 4.Eradicate Dandruff 5.Clears off Hair Lice 6.Moisturizes dry hair 7.Adds Luster, Shine and Softness to Hair 8.Prevents premature hair greying This Oil is manufactured in...
  6. gopikrish6

    Wanted Areawise Distributors across India - Gileadh Herbal Hair Oil

    Wanted Areawise Distributors across India Gileadh Herbal Hair Oil is 100% natural. This Oil is prepared using the Ancient Ayurveda method. No Chemicals are used in the manufacturing process of this Oil. Clinically tested as per ISO standards. Uses of Gileadh Herbal Hair Oil ...
  7. K

    Kuberin Spices Trade World

    A world of flavor! We offer a huge selection of over 400 spices, herbs, seasonings and ingredients. Buy quality products from us that we offer at a much discounted rate.
  8. P

    Banana chips

    We are wholesale dealers for banana chips in 3 different flavours. We can supply good quality banana chips at better price for retailer and distributors at the lowest current price of rs.110-140 per kg depending upon the flavors required. Please visit hkglobalenterprises com .
  9. S

    Capsicum Sale

    Hello all, We are beginning production of green capsicum using drip and greenhouse technology in Bhavnagar dist, Gujarat. We will be having a projected output of 300 tons. Any resellers who would like to do business with us may please contact us.Thank you. Regards, Siddhit Sanghavi...
  10. J

    Wheat - New season wheat

    Dear All, Greetings of the day ! We can supply you clean wheat as per your requirement in paking of 25Kg. ( limited to Ahmedabad city area only ). If the qty is more than 10000 Kg free transportation will be provided across the Gujarat. Type of Wheat 1. Original Daudkhani Wheat (...
  11. bharatbook

    Cattle Hog and Other Livestock Wholesaling in the US

    Growth in domestic and export demand for meat and other livestock products such as milk and wool will keep this industry on the up. The recovery of exports to Japan and Korea will strongly aid revenue. Increasing globalization will lead to stricter biosecurity measures. Cows will be closely...