water harvesting

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    Mr. Aamir Ahmed - Co-Founder Rewild Life Biodiversity Farms

    Meet Mr Aamir Ahmed, a Master of Business Administration and marketing person turned environmentalist. Through Rewild Life he spreads the word on how to keep every spot that you are part of a bio-diverse hotspot! Hello, Mr Aamir Ahmed. Can we have an overview of Rewild Life and how it came into...
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    Shet Tale ( LAke in my My farm)

    I want to dig Shet tale in my Farm. I want the depth of 20 feet, 80 feet length, width 50 feet . in summery . Area is 4000 sqaure feet and depth is 20 feet. Does this size as as per the governmrnt nprm? Can I get Subsidy for this size of lake? Also Like to know the costing of Plastich...

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