1. N

    For Sale Vermicompost for sale

    We are manufacturer of premium quality vermicompost for organic farming. Out unit is located in Bhopal. Presently we have ready stock of 100 MT.
  2. V

    For Sale Vermicompost, Neem cake and Neem oil

    Good quality Vermicompost, Neem cake and Neem oil is available for sale. 1. Vermicompost - with Cow dung and dry leaves and enriched with biofertilizers. Rs. 8 per Kg. 25 kg bags and 50 kg bags available. Transport charges seperate. that it not included. Minimum Quantity: 10 TON 2. Neem Cake...
  3. lalitds36

    Available Vermicompost - Cow Dung Based

    Vermicompost - Cow Dung Based Our vermicompost is uniform in quality as we use only cow dung. Vermicompost is considered superior to cow manure due to higher content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and also it has higher water holding capacity.
  4. E

    Vermicompost For Sale.

    Vermicompost is rich in all essential plant nutrients. Provides excellent effect on overall plant growth, encourages the growth of new. It improves soil structure, texture, aeration, and waterholding capacity and prevents. Vermicompost minimizes the incidence of pest and diseases. This compost...
  5. S

    Vemicompost for sales

    hello, we like to sell our premium quality vermicompost @ 6000/ton and earthworm (eisenia fetida) @400/kg. Regards, BUbona Dairy farm
  6. N

    Vermicompost for sale near Mysore

    Hello We have vermi compost for sale, monthly 10 tons production. The compost is made from cow dung, green and dry waste and biogas slurry. The best price of vermi-compost excluding transport I can offer right now is Rs. 5000/ton. We are located near Mysore in Karnataka. Please let...
  7. E

    vermicompost orgenic manure for sale

    ​Vermicompost is richer in many nutrients than compost produced by other composting methods. It also contains millions of microbes which help break down nutrients already present in the soil into plant-available forms. Unlike other compost, worm castings also contain worm mucus which keeps...
  8. N

    Vermicompost for sale near Mysore

    Hello The vermi compost is made from cow dung, green and dry waste and biogas slurry. We are located near Mysore in Karnataka. Please let me know required quantity and location. Regards Nikhil 9880991531
  9. 1


    we are producer of vermicompost in Iran and we can offer the best rate to every where in the world. please contact us if you are interested in.
  10. S

    Fresh and Quality vermicompost for sales in tamilnadu

    Hi, we are producing organic vermicompost for more than 10 years.we are having nice and good quality vermicompost for sale in and around madurai.for price and availability plz do contact KSR bio fertilizers.
  11. N

    portable vermi bed

  12. A

    could supply Vermi compost in bulk quantity

    Capable of offering Bulk quantity of Vermi Compost and vermi, in long term basis, The product has a good market in Ramanathapuram, Theni, Tirunelvelli. and excellent result. Intrested buyer contact, [B]M. Zahir Hussain Director ASP AGRI
  13. A

    Composting Technology 24 hours

    My company in Singapore has developed a composting technology that traditionally requires at least 3 months and now it only requires 24 hours to complete with raw materials such as: 1) animals waste and remains 2) padi husks, hays, sawdust 3) empty fruit bunch, palm oil mill effluent 4) urban...

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