Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

vegetables and fruits

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    Friuts and Vegetables

    Wanted Fruits and Vegetables For Daily in Supermarket in Panruti, Cuddalore Dt. Mail at : Call at: 9842367997
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    Herbs, Organic Veg,Fruits, Green Leaves, Spinach, Saffron, etc.,

    Hi Sir/Mam, We can able to Supply the Below Products in Large Quantity On Long term Basis, Kindly Exporters and Importers from Other Countries can contact us : Spinach(export Quality), Green Leaves(export Quality), Moringa Leaves(export Quality), Coriander Leave(No.1...
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    hi yield production up to 30% and more

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FINE PROTEIN Pilot of World Agricultural Production technology Briefly speaking, "activation technology", through spraying protein genes on crop's leaves, sends directives to relevant receptor proteins of...
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    All Kind of Kidney Beans and Other Beans

    All kinds of kidney beans can be supplied by us ,which include red kidney bean,red speckled kidney bean,dark red kidney bean,white kidney bean,long lightly speckled kidney bean,round lightly speckled kidney bean,black kidney bean ect; Apart from kidney bean, we also can supply other kinds of...
  5. bharatbook

    Citrus Banana and Other Fruit Growing in Australia

    This Industry Market Research report from IBISWorld provides a detailed analysis of the Citrus, Banana and Other Fruit Growing in Australia industry, including key growth trends, statistics, forecasts, the competitive environment including market shares and the key issues facing the industry. (...