Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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    Orchids and vanilla plantation consulting

    We offer horticulture and pot plant production know-how for orchids farming, vanilla cultivation and fruit plant production systems under inter crop or green house cultivation in the western ghats sector. we provide turn key set up assistance, setting up proper systems for maintenance and...
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    Consult and JV for horticulture projects,vanilla and orchids

    We are looking for participation in JV projects for orchids, vanilla, spices and herbs in projects located in multiple countries including India. The places where we have strategic presence include Myanmar,Cambodia, Thailand ,Malaysia,Indonesia and Fiji islands. Some of these places we already...
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    500 kg Madagascar vanilla beans for sale.

    We are searching buyers for our 500 kg vanilla beans stock from Madagascar. Red beans, 14-16 cm. If you take all 500 kg we sell for $54 a kg. Good quality beans. Only serious buyers. Contact:
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    Why Vanilla crops is facing low production?

    Vanilla was progressing very well however now it faces the problem of low production. What could be the reasons and how the future of the crop can be improved. Let us discuss it together. Post your suggestions, advices and queries in this forum. Editorial team of shall...
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    Dried Vanilla Fruits

    We sell dried Vanilla fruits, vacuum packed 5 kgs/plastic bag.High grade of 14 cm up size , or all grade. Stock available. Location : Semarang, Central Java Indonesia. Contact person : Rudy ,
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    Dry Vanilla Beans

    Dear All Vanilla Beans(dry) with good quality and cultivated in western ghats with high contents of vanilin ,,,,is for sale . contact me...
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    Re. Cold Processing Vanilla Oil and Vanillin

    Bestino Natural Oils Company, based in Ipoh, Malaysia, dedicated to providing the finest natural plant extracts and oils in the world, from a wide range of high quality, locally grown, organic, fresh raw-materials. Our first and most successful product to-date, has been our Vanilla extract...