turmeric for sale

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    YAM seed and TURMERIC seed for SALE until supplies last

    Fresh YAM seed and TURMERIC seed for SALE until supplies last. Seed is moving fast. Hurry up before the stock is gone. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are planning on planting Yam or Turmeric. Yam - Variety Gajendra Turmeric - Variety Salem Local
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    Fresh Turmeric (Haldi) Rhizomes Available

    Fresh Turmeric available. This can be used both as seed and for preparing turmeric powder. Grown in absolutely organic way.Circumin content is high. Intrested may contact
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    Turmeric seed for sale

    High Quality turmeric seed available during March 2013. Minimum order 500 kg. Our turmeric crop is cultivated under the supervision of scientists following sustainable approaches. Variety: Salem local Competitive price. Call or email for advance booking! Krishna Rao, Farm Manager
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    boild and dried turmeric

    boiled and dried turmermic for sale
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    Unpolished organicTurmeric fingers for sale

    Hello, We have huge stock of unpolished turmeric finger for sale. Intrested party may contact
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    Turmeric powder(Organic and Normal) for sale _

    we are the grower ,processor of organic spices.Currently we have stocks of freshly processed organic turmerric powder. Best quality and Price are guaranted.Please contact Thanks :rolleyes:
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    Best and Pure Organic Turmeric Powder Avaialable for Sale

    we are grower of Organic Turmeric.we can provide pure and best organic turmeric powder.intrested parties may contact or PM us their details Rashi Taori
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    for sale certified organic Turmeric(Haldi) rashi.taori@gmail.com

    we can supply organically certified turmeric powder( any quantity) at most reasonable rates.Intrested person Rashi Taori
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    Turmeric for sale ....

    Dear sir, We have processed salem turmeric fingers and powder and the quantity is at around 25 MT. Kindly contact me at below address if any one requires at competitive rates. Regards, Pravinchandra Waghanna,
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    High Curcumin Turmeric for sale

    Botanical Name: Curcuma longa English Name: Turmeric Common Name: Haldi, Halodhi Turmeric is a rhizomatous herbaceous plants botanically know as Curcuma longa. The tuberous rhizomes or underground stems of turmeric are used from antiquity as condiments, a dye and as an aromatic stimulant...
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    Turmeric for sale

    Hi, My name is brijpal.I have the Turmeric (seed like in finger shape) around 500 ton. I am belongs to the farmer family and we belong to near delhi (around 50 km). i have my own Turmeric(Kacchi Haldi varity name is sonia & sugandh)). kindly contact me if someone wants to purchase the...

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