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    Raw Turmeric Sale

    We have 22 bighas raw turmeric cultivation in West Uttar Pradesh. We want to sell raw turmeric. Interested buyers contact. Raw turmeric is the raw material for turmeric boiler plants. Owners of turmeric boiler plant who can produce turmeric fingers please contact. Is there any...
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    Turmeric powder(Organic and Normal) for sale _

    we are the grower ,processor of organic spices.Currently we have stocks of freshly processed organic turmerric powder. Best quality and Price are guaranted.Please contact Thanks :rolleyes:
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    OrganicTurmeric spice for sale

    We are the processor of organic turmeric. Intrested parties may call.Best quality and rate guranteed. :rolleyes:
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    For sale Organic turmeric powder.Best Quality

    We are the grower,processor,exporter of the best quality Turmeric powder. Intrested person or party may contact us for the certified organic powder.
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    Best and Pure Organic Turmeric Powder Avaialable for Sale

    we are grower of Organic Turmeric.we can provide pure and best organic turmeric powder.intrested parties may contact or PM us their details Rashi Taori
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    for sale certified organic Turmeric(Haldi) rashi.taori@gmail.com

    we can supply organically certified turmeric powder( any quantity) at most reasonable rates.Intrested person Rashi Taori
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    We are specialized in offering Fresh Turmeric Roots

    We are specialized in offering Fresh Turmeric Roots, procured from reliable sources of the market. Fresh Turmeric Roots are used in many cuisines and help in protecting food from sunlight. Our Fresh Turmeric Roots are appreciated for rich aroma and great flavor. These Fresh Turmeric Roots are...
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    Sell Black Turmeric

    Black Turmeric new lot available Price INR Rs. 350 Par kg Guwahati Assam Minimum 200 Kg
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    organic turmeric

    We are engaged in offering a highly qualitative range of pure Turmeric Powder. This powder is meshed using organic turmeric, which is sourced from highly credible vendors. We rigorously check turmeric powder samples for the presence of any unwanted residue-such as sawdust or heavy metals and...