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tulsi seeds

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    Tulsi Farming

    Hello all, i want to do Tulsi farming can you please suggest which seeds should i use and how to sell that after completing farming. i am from Nagpur Maharashtra, kindly suggest the selling markets for this.
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    choudhary interprises

    i want sale tulsi seeds and sankhpushpi plants contect me 9828765772
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    Ocimum sanctum seeds for sale

    Sow directly or in greenhouse in Spring or Summer. Prefers full sun, rich soil, and plenty of water. This variety is known as Kapoor which is green leaved and highly aromatic.Adaptogenic, antifungal, antibacterial, immune enhancing, and of the Ayurvedic tradition. 50 seeds/pkt
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    Tulsi, Krishna, Tulsi Rama (Holy Basil) seeds for sale

    Bush based Tulsi, Krishna, Tulsi Rama (Holy Basil) seeds are available. Min. seeds : 50 seeds per packet Price Rs. 550/- Seeds ore open-pollinated. Organic from Kashmir Himalaya
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    Ocimum minimum-Bush Basil seeds for sale

    Ocimum minimum-Bush Basil Family: Labiatae Bush basil has a milder action than sweet basil and is used mainly in the treatment of flatulence and griping pain in the digestive system. The leaves and flowering tops are antispasmodic, aromatic, carminative, digestive, galactogogue, stomachic and...
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    Tulsi seeds required

    We required a tulsi seeds for plantation purpose in our lands. is anybody have the tulsi seeds please let us know by below email with details like variety, price and mode of payment and delivery etc., Email: Thanks in Advance.