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solar energy

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    Mr. Aamir Ahmed - Co-Founder Rewild Life Biodiversity Farms

    Meet Mr Aamir Ahmed, a Master of Business Administration and marketing person turned environmentalist. Through Rewild Life he spreads the word on how to keep every spot that you are part of a bio-diverse hotspot! Hello, Mr Aamir Ahmed. Can we have an overview of Rewild Life and how it came into...
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    Solar Power System for Houses, Office and Educational Institutes.

    We are Tamilnadu based supplier of wide range of Solar products. We are doing installation of Solar power plant for Houses, Offices, Enterprises, Hospitals and Educational Institutes with Government subsidy across South India. International Standard and Best price guaranteed. HARINI...
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    Solar power: Buy 1 get 1 free! First time in india!

    INCREDIBLE OFFER! FIRST OF ITS KIND IN INDIA! Dear Forum Members, We are glad to present here our latest offer on solar power solutions, "BUY 1 GET 1 FREE" on our 1.6Kva & 2.2Kva Rooftop Stand-alone Solar Power Solutions with Battery Backup. Details are as follows: 1.6Kva Solution...
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    Is Solar Water Pump for AC pump financially viable?

    Solar Powered Pumps for Agriculture and Green Buildings by KB Electronics, Mumbai, India. To make Solar Power a viable proposition in India, we have to overcome the barriers of high PV panel and battery costs. Though we have seen considerable drop in PV prices which will slide further in the...
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    Solar Water Pump

    We manufacture and install Solar pump Systems where you can use your existing AC pump along with solar. For more information please see video at link below Thank you. Siddharth
  6. infsolar

    Convert your farm house / bungalow into a solar powered

    Dear Guests, Recently the MSEB (Maharashtra state electricity board) has increased the prices of electricity by 30%. The electricity bills have been soaring for all of us! This is the right time to act and get rid of all the unnecessary electric bills. We can convert your houses or bungalows...
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    Best Solar lanterns in India!! Wanted distributors across India

    Our flagship solar lanterns with the most advanced technology have arrived in India. We require distributors and agents for selling these lanterns all over India. You can make very good returns by selling these lanterns. The lanterns can be shipped to you for trial marketing. If you are...
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    Solar Panels

    Wanted Solar Panels in bulk quantity and expert to start water pump on the solar electricity.
  9. ponsanthan

    Solar dryer for drying of medicinal herbs

    Dear collegues Kindly give input about the usage of solar driers in drying medicinal herbs, whether any body is using it now, is it cost effective and be used at the R&D level /bulk production level. if any fabricators are there please give your contact details.
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    Project Consultants

    Am looking for project consultants for various aspects of my project, namely .... solar energy .... rain water harvesting .... sewage water treatment and recycling etc. Anyone who has expertise in working on these, do let me know so that I may call you.
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    Funds and Maintenance Service for 1-20 MW Projects Available for Land Owners

    We Have capability and experienced Platform Partners and associated Manufacturers to take complete turnkey power plant projects from Consultancy to Installation. Company can carry out Grid connected & Stand alone solar power plant Projects of: We will sell 92% to 95% Solar Panels (and...
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    Proposal: Regarding wireless telecom sectors.

    We At DA SURYA SHAKTI; can provide Solar stand alone energy/electricity generation units for telecom sectors specially for wireless telecom Towers. For More Details and images Please find Attachment DA Solar Telecom Solution. Whenever You Install A Tower at your property Please Suggest them...
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    Solar power - double the production in low cost -new technology

    SOLAR POWER – NEW TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPED Comparison of OLD technology with that of NEW technology. DETAILS 1 Cost of the project Rs. 20 crores (OLD) --- Rs. 16.50 crores (NEW) 2 Land requirement for 5 MW 15 Acres --- 0.15 Acres (NEW) 3 Generation of Electricity...