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seed company

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    Available Start your own vegetable seed company

    If you are interested in starting vegetable/crop based seed company with limited capital and resources to earn huge profit then be in touch. I provide basic plan and strategy to start seed company with limited resources.
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    Opportunity Interested in starting your own vegetable seed company

    If you are interested in starting your own vegetable seed company with minimum investment in any part of the India then be in touch with me.
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    Available Interested in starting your own seed company

    Hi if you are interested in starting your own vegetable seed industry in any part of the country, we provide basic knowledge, action plan and advise and more than 20 vegetable crops seeds as input to start your R and D programme. Contact if interested, only serious buyers will be entertained.
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    Seasonal Flower Seedlings in Hyderabad

    we are supplying seasonal flower seedlings. more details : Seasonal Flower seedlings || Vegetables seedlings || Fruit Seedlings || Seedlings Suppliers in Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh
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    The Dutch seed company aims to ensure the development of global seed market

    The new international seed company with headquarters in Westland, the Netherlands, has recently been launched. The company is led by Peter van Zeijl, previously the Managing Director of Sakata Holland B.V. who has over 20 years of expertise in international seed business. The main goal of...
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    Platanus orientalis-Chinar pants for sale

    Oriental Plane Latin name: Platanus orientalis Synonyms: Platanus vulgaris Family: Platanaceae (Planetree Family) Distribution : In historic Kashmir, the tree was planted near Hindu holy places under names derived from the goddess Bhavani. Later in Muslim times it continued to be a major...
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    pkm1 moringa seed for sale

    Svm Exports is the largest producers and exporters of premium grade PKM 1 Moringa Seeds & moringa oil extraction seeds from India. Our Moringa seeds are widely used for Agriculture, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. We provide competitive price High quantity& Quality prompt...
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    Ferula communis seeds for sale

    Giant Fennel-Ferula communis Synonyms: Ferula brevifolia, Ferula linkii Family: Umbelliferae Medicinal use of Giant Fennel : One report says that the root yields a gum with medicinal properties but no details are given. Habitat of the herb: Dry hills, walls, waste ground and limestone, often in...
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    Seed Processing and automation solutions

    We have been in the Industry of seed processing for almost a decade and our field of expertise is in manufacturing HIGH PERFORMANCE SEED COATING MACHINES FOR FIELD CROPS AND VEGETABLE SEEDS, ONLINE SEED DRYER. we are the leading manufacturers of this equipment because we have a dedicated R&D...
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    Cupressus cashmeriana

    'KASHMIR CYPRESS'. Striking tree with weeping branchlets of a conspicuous vivid blue-grey color. Fast growing small tree with 1/2" cones. Kashmir, Tibet, Gilgat, Afghanistan. Good in California and mild climates. "One of the most graceful and beautiful of all conifers."—Hilliers. Germinates in 1...
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    Hyoscyamus niger seeds for sale

    Henbane was a common admixture to witches brews. The Priestesses of Delphi was thought to have used Henbane for prophetic purposes. Hyoscyamus niger was used in magic infusions to produce clairvoyant trance states. Hyoscyamus niger (Henbane) plants, like other solanacea plants, contain...