red sanders

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    For Sale Legal Red Sandalwood

    We sell the red sandalwood(red sanders) legally , we have huge amount of sandalwood to sell. Please contact in case any one interested to buy them.
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    Red Sanders / Erra Chandanam / Raktchandan Saplings for sale

    Dear All, Red Sanders / Erra Chandanam / Rakt Chandan Saplings for sale. Contact via inbox. Thanking you.
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    Malabar neem, Errachandanam, Srigandham, Tissue culture Teak saplings for sale - A.P.

    Dear cultivators We supply you Malabar neem/Melia Dubia, Errachandanam / Red Sanders, Srigandham / Sandal Wood, Tissue Culture Teak saplings in bulk and retail quantities. Interested parties can contact us by inbox msg or leave your phone numbers. Thanking you.
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    Red sanders/ Sandal / Teak / Melia Dubia Saplings for sale..

    Dear all Contact by inbox for the following plantation material: 1. Red Sanders / Errachandanam 2. Sandal / Srigandham 3. Melia Dubia / Malabarvepa 4. Teak / Tissue cultured teak Inviting advanced bookings for June/July plantation period. Send your inquiry with required qty and...
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    Red Sanders / Errachandanam, Melia Dubia, Sandal/Srigandham saplings for sale...

    Dear all, We are the bulk suppliers of Red Sanders / Errachandanam, Srigandham/Sandal, Melia Dubia/Malaivembu/Malabar neem saplings. Please send us your requirement for this season through the inbox with your contact number and email. Thanking you.
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    Red Sanders, Sandal , Mangium & Melia Dubia for Sale

    Plantation material for: 1. Red sanders / Erra chandanam / Raktchandan / Pterocarpus santalinus 2. Sandal / Sri Gandham / Gandham / Chandan / Santalum Album 3. Australian Teak / Australian Tumma / Mangium / Acecia Mangium 4. Melia Dubia / Malai Vembu / Malbar neem (for pulpwood)...
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    Discussion To determine if going for Farm cultivation of Red Sanders is wise !

    Motivating factors to consider cultivation of Red Sanders / Pterocarpus santalinus / RaktaChandan (Telugu) I understand from some forum posts and some nureseries selling seedling that red sanders wood is sold at very high prices like Rs 800/Kg, Hence one can earn upto 30 crores from one...
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    Wanted Tissue Culture Plants for Sandalwood, Red Sanders, Pathimugam, Teak

    Please suggest a reputed tissue cultured lab which is supplying the timber plants for Sandalwood, Red Sanders, Pathimugam and Teak. I need them for planting in Andhra Pradesh near Hyderabad. Also can Red Sanders be commercially harvested in about 10..12 years time for Pterosibilin ? Please...
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    Adult/Matured Red Sanders Plants for Sale

    If interested, feel free to contact with your contact details through my inbox message for further details.
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    Redsanders saplings for sale

    Red Sanders/ Raktachandan/Errachandanam saplings/baby plants of 1foot height are ready to sell at very reasonable price. Stock: About 1Lakh plants. Respond immediately through inbox message Thanks and regards
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    RED SANDERS DYE (extract)

    Anybody interested in importing (from India) RED SANDERS DYE (Pterocarpus Santalinus) may contact. Source of supply is legal and licensed.

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