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    stevia extract

    [B]Hahnemann Charitable Mission Society introduced stevia in India. HCMS is promoter of contractual farming of stevia. Currently HCMS is doing contractual farming of Stevia is 500 Acre with the help of Sunrise Agriland Development and Research (P) Ltd. HCMS is a 9001 certified organization...
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    High quality Stevia wanted- Large order

    Hello, This is for a project focussed only on Rebaudioside. I am looking for - Stevia plantation material with rebA content in leaf more than 8-10% atleast -Rebaudioside(RebA) extract with between 80-90% RebA (powder). Please respond only if either of these criteria are met...
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    Stevia Tablets @ 30 paisa for sale

    STEVIA TABLETS Made from High purity Rebaudioside A. High Quality. White in colour. Tastes like sugar. Available for bulk sale. Made in India. Each tablet = 1 tsp of sugar. Minimum Order pack 10,000 tablets (bulk packing) For higher quantitites pls ask for a quote. Stevia Tablets are...

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