Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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    New Small Scale Wheat Flour Mill Machine Sell In Cheap Price

    Do you want a set of Small Scale Wheat Flour Mill Machine? Now China Win Tone sell these kind of small scale wheat flour mill machine to different countries. If you do know more about the China Win Tone, you can search Win Tone Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd on your computer directly, and you...
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    Oil Press Machine Wholesale Reduce the Price of Oil Press Machine

    For most peasant and food processing manufacturer, the oil press machine plays an important role in the production. As we all know, in the eighties, oil press mainly rely on manpower, people seldom use the oil press machine for the high cost. Nowadays, with the technology developing, the oil...
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    Advertising Offer: Retrofit Solar Water Pumping System - 5Hp @ Rs.3.1 Lakhs & 10Hp @ Rs.5.6 Lakhs

    Dear All, We are pleased to launch our limited time special offer for retrofit solar water pumping systems of capacity 5hp & 10Hp. With respect to the volume orders we have for the month of January and thanks to our suppliers for co-operating with us, we are offering the systems at below...
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    Agriculture Software

    Hi All, I am a software engineer and work at a big reputed eCommerce company in USA. I work on complex technical problems and feel that applying such technology to agriculture would be a boon. To give examples of the problems we solve: a. We crunch a lot of data and predict what kind of...
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    Tea cultivation in sri lanka

    What is the business model for cultivating TEA in Sri Lanka? How many harvests per year? How many kgs per acre? Selling price per Kg? … Thank you. Dojaanro
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    Estimating selling price of poplar trees

    Hi I have about 15 poplar trees that are approximately 7 years old. This will be the first time that I would be selling these trees. Can anybody tell me an easy way/formula to calculate the best price I could get for the trees. Please let me know the prevailing rate of poplar in the market...
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    turkey bird

    hello . turkey birds and rabbits are available in my farm at best
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    hello... I am from Vadodara, Gujarat. required 45,000 kg cocopeat for hygroponicsfarming. what is the price of cocopeat. what is transportation cost?
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    Banana Fiber extraction and related topics

    Can anyone tell me The average weight of a banana tree and how many Kg of fiber (dried) we can take out of a tree. and do someone know the average price of 1kg of banana Fiber?
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    Combine Harvester

    Hi all, I want to buy a combine harvester for wheat, paddy, soybean, sunflower harvesting. I want experts suggestions regarding brands and type of combine harvester. I am looking this for a business purpose. If you know about pricing of brand please post it. Thanks Gunwant
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    Current Market Price Teak

    Can somebody please provide information about the current market price of Teak on the basis of following specifications:- Tree Age:- 06 Years 12 Years 20 Years 30 Years