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poultry feed

  1. stargem

    Animal Feed

    Dear Sir/Madam, (HS 2309) We would like to offer : Animal Feed. Form: granule. Consist of : broiler feed, layer feed, breeder feed and concentrate feed. Especially for poultry farm. Packaging: nett. 50kg in PP woven bag with plastic inner liner. Produced under ISO 9001 certified manufacturer...
  2. Z

    Animal Feed for Sale for Cattle, goat, poultry, pig

    Dear All, We are Animal Feed manufactures from TamilNadu. We can supply large quantity of Cattle feed, Goat Feed, Poultry feed. Please contact for further information. Thanks Flor
  3. 3

    For Sale : Cotton Seed Oil Cake

    Dear Sir, We offer premium quality Cottonseed Oil Cake, which is the solid material remained after extraction of the oil from the cotton seeds. Our Cottonseed Oil Cake contains a large amount of protein and oil, making it highly desirable for animal feed in India. Cotton seed cake is made from...
  4. nithyanandam

    Wanted commission Agents For Cattle Feed And Poultry Feed Raw Materials.

    Wanted commission Agents For Cattle Feed And Poultry Feed Raw Materials Like Ground Nut Oil Cake& De Oiled Cake,Soya Doc,Cotton Doc,Sunflower Doc,Castor Doc,Rice Bran,Rice Bran Doc,Broken Rice,Broken wheat,Maize,Calcite Powder Etc... Sales.Contact:09362115762,
  5. nithyanandam

    Ground nut oil cake & de oil cake sales

    Ground Nut Oil Cake& De Oiled Cake Sales.Contact:09362115762,
  6. nithyanandam

    We Sale Bulk Quantity Of Ground Nut Oil Cake& De Oiled Cake (45%Protein)

    We Sale Bulk Quantity Of Ground Nut Oil Cake& De Oiled Cake(Protein45%) for Animal Feeds.
  7. ssbaskar1980

    Animal Feed for sale

    Dear viewers we do supply Suguna animal feed. there are two types of brands 1) Suguna Pallet- 50 kg bag- pallet size is 0.6MM (860Rs/ bag) 2) Suguna Pavithra- 50Kg Bag _ pallet size is 0.3 MM (960 Rs/bag) The advantages of using suguna animal feed are as follows 1) The protien...
  8. V

    Immunity for Poultry and Booster for Egg Size

    Poultry Feed Panchagavya ________________________________________ We are Producing Panchagavya an Organic Feed for Poultry. The greatness of Panchagavya can be found in most of our Indian Books. Please visit the website for the research done on usage of Panchagavya for Poultry Farms...
  9. growel

    Distributorship Opportunity For India' Strongest Veterinary medicine Brand.

    We Growel Agrovet private Limited are inviting for distributorship at district and state level across the country, we are providing all marketing & sales supports to our channel partner. • Benefits for being business partner of Growel Agrovet Private Limited : • Professionally managed...
  10. L

    Powermik for Livestock - Best Feed Supplement

    Power milk is a unique blend of minerals, vitamins and plant extract, a feed supplement for cow, buffalo, sheep, goat, poultry, dog, horse, pig, fish, rabbit, and mule. Benefits of Powermilk: Improves quality and production of milk Improves the size and quality of eggs Improves the muscular as...