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poly house farming

  1. jeetpotdar099

    For Sale Old Poly House sale - 50 Acer (20.23 Hectares)

    Dear All , We Sale and buy the old Poly Houses. My Firm has Purchase 50 Acer (20.23 Hectares) Old Poly Houses in the state of Maharashtra . Site Location Near by Satara (MH). Let me know if you need any them any other information Note - 1. All Material GI Pipe 2. Only GI pipe...
  2. P

    Dnyaneshwar Bodke – Maharashtra farmer who is a role model

    47 year old Dnyaneshwar, with a 10 standard education and committed spirit decided to see success with farming. And what a success story that turned out to be! Read about Dnyaneshwar Bodke, poly house farming, the Abhinav Farmers’ Club, and so many factors that speak up for ‘if there is a will...
  3. Y

    Wanted rented poly house at Telegoan Pune

    Hi, I'm looking to rent out a poly house at Telagoan midc in pune.
  4. L

    Guide for polyhouse setup Near Nabha Patiala Punjab

    Anybody here who can guide me for Poyhouse setup in Punjab: 1. Investment 2. Subsidy(Poly House,Planting Material,Irrigation) as per 2015-2016 Policy. 3. Can we claim for subsidy on the leased land? 4. Do Punjab govt. provide subsidy on the planting material and irrigation system? 5...
  5. R

    What is the best crop for poly house precision farming

    Appreciate advice from professionals and buy back agents on best crops for my poly house in Ottappalam, Palakkad, Kerala. Ram
  6. P

    Gro bag Sales @ Chennai Adyar

    UV Treated bags:(Ultraviolet treatment) with 3 years guarantee are certification for UV stability and exposure periods in outdoor conditions, Hydro phonic cultivation or industrial growing conditions.
  7. U

    Farm management soulutions

    Farm Management Solutions India has 170 million hectares of arable land. Out of this 40% of the operational land holdings are held by 7% of the people. Which means in India large tracts of arable land is available, however dilemma is most of owners of these farm lands are absentee...