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plants for sale

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    Plants supply (fruits/avenue/forest/indoor/outdoor varieties)

    Hi, We are the one of the finest suppliers of all kind of plants either in bulk or whole sale at affordable prices. Please contact us for any requirements. we are able to deal with fruits/avenue/forest/indoor/outdoor plant varieties and also gardening maintenance and landscaping services...
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    Planting material required.

    We need the following planting material for our farm near Thondebhavi, Gauribidabur Tq. Chikkaballapur Dt. Karnataka These will be planted along the border spanning 100 acres. 1. Gmaliena Arborea 2. Silver Oak 3. Moringa Oliefera PKM1 4. Hebbevu (Melia Dubia) Please quote your best...
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    Online Plant Nursery

    Buy plants online.first time in India and any where in India.log in Welcome To Exotic Flora[/url][/U]. over 700 varieties of all types of plants are just a click away to buy.
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    Landscaping-Fruit garden consultancy,plants online

    contact for impressive landscapings and highprofitable cultivation
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    Cycus Plants for Sale

    The Cycus plants with their beautiful green leaves adorn the decoration of your garden. I have more than 15 Cycus plants which are potted and are 4 feet in hight and 3 feet in diameter. These rare Cycus plants are marked by their unmatched quality. Cultivated in my own home nursery. These Cycus...
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    All kinds for Plants for Sale

    Dear ALL, We are the Leading producers, suppliers and consultant of all kinds of Ornamental ,House plants, medicinal plants, seasonal plants, Avenue plants, fruit plants and land scape developers. * We have plants of very good quality at reasonable rate. * Plants of various high...
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    chrysanthemum-strawberry plants for sale

    available - chrysanthemum cuttings or rooted chrysanthemum plants and strawberry plants in red soil bags at Talegaon pune . Prised at 4-5 rs per plant and Rs 2 per cutting . Book early for bulk orders. Strawberry plants 25000/acre , 300-500gm/plant production of winter dawn variety. 1 acre...
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    kasini seeds,coleus planting material ,

    we offer kasini seeds, amla fruits and aloe vera plants regards, M.R.S
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    strawberry plants for sale

    strawberry plants in poly bags ready for plantation...can support with cultural practices and other advice based on my experience contact