partnership basis

  1. ajaisingh

    Never sale your #LAND अपनी #जमीन को बेचना बंद करो, उस पर कारोबा

    Never sale your #LAND अपनी #जमीन को बेचना बंद करो, उस पर कारोबार करो, आपके पास कैसी भी जमीन हो , बंजर हो , कम पानी की हो , सभी प्रकार की जमीन पर multi-project farming with waste recycle हो सकता है, जो आपको साल भर लगातार प्रॉफिट देगा, आप बिज़नेस करना चाहते है और हमारी फीस देसकते है तो संपर्क...
  2. A


    We are looking for working partner with Investment.We are based in Bangalore engaged in exporting of Fresh Vegetables and Onions. We are one of India's leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Fresh Vegetables and Fruit. The company provides a wide selection of delicious fresh produce available...
  3. H

    11Acres Agri.Land Near Hyderabad - Interested in Working on Longterm basis

    We hv 11Acres land 120km from Hyderabad. Looking for someone who would like to take up project on longterm basis. The Land is having enough water and well connected to pakkah road. There r citrus (mosambi) plantation in our neighbourhood Agri-Land. any one interested can contact

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