1. Rajani_VMG

    Thaithal Village – community driven self-supported village

    “We wanted 24/7 access to pure water, pure air, pure food and pure relationships along with love and satisfaction so we left our busy city lives and selected the village life. Here we have good support from nature hence life is extremely fulfilling,” shares Mr. Mohan Chavara Kalya, sculptor...
  2. J

    Land required in Palakkad

    5 - 20 acres land for lease or outright purchase required in Palakkad. Water access should be available. Contact
  3. K

    2Acres of Farm Land @ Palakkad, Kerala

    2Acres of land well suitable for Farms, Resorts and Farm tourism is available at Sholayoor, Agali, Palakkad. The land has a very clear and authentic title which can be traced back. There is a perennial water stream flowing along one side of the land. It's almost plain with a slight slop towards...
  4. A

    Land in Thrissur Palakkad

    I am looking for land in Thrissur or Palakkad. I am looking for minimum of 10 acres of land. The land has to be adjoining any type of flowing water!! The need is to plant different types of trees and plants that are fast disappearing from Kerala.

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