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nursery plants and flower

  1. S

    Agar plants for sale

    we can supply quality agar plants for sale for bulk quantity pls call on us.
  2. S

    Looking for Mango Saplings

    Hi, We are from Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh. Need about 1+ year of 1000 Mango saplings of different verieties to be supplied from recognized nurseries. Kindly submit the quotation with 100% quality assurance for the following varieties. 1. Banginapalli/Beneshan 2. Thotapuri...
  3. I

    Need help for making farm

    Hi All, I have 2 acres red soil land. I am planning to make farm house on that. So pls anyone who is expertise on that help or guide me to do that. I Need Plant and Tree details with price and advantages. Nurseries people ...pls contact me and give me more details. Regrds...
  4. bharatbook

    Nursery Plants and Flower Production in the US

    This global industry is expecting cut flower products to evolve significantly as eliminated shipping constraints, rising imports and improved transportation technologies expand the varieties of flowers available. Product diversification will continue as this industry faces an increasingly...