near mysore

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    Well developed farm, abundant water, full infrastructure ready for sale near Mysooru

    A fully developed farm with all infrastructure ready for sale near Mysooru. At present coconut, banana and sugar cane is grown. Coconut in six acres : 360 nos Banana : six acres Sugar cane : one acre Borewell : 3 nos 7.5 HP - 120 ft depth - 4 inch water available. 5.0 HP...
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    2.28 acres land surrounded by channel is for sale, 7 km from Airport, near Mysooru.

    A farm land beside the confluence of two channels, Enne-hole channel and Ad-hole channel respectively, is for sale. The east and south side of the land is completely surrounded by perennial water source. Total water frontage is 1160 feet. It has few coconut trees, two Nerale /Jamun and...
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    9+2+4 acres kabini river basin land for sale,near Mysooru,171km from Bengalooru

    9 acres or 15 acres Kabini river basin fertile land for sale. About 700 ft of the land completely touches the river. Near the river a thick a growth of trees covers the area. It gives an effect of mini forest. The river flows so silently, it makes you to meditate...
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    100 acres for sale near Mysooru,off Mys-Ooty NH766,for a low price,170km to Bengaluru

    100 acres for sale near Nanjanagudu, the entire topography feels like as if we are standing on an elevated place. But it is really surprising that , we won't see any slopes or uphills on the way. When we stand at the center of the land ,it gives panoramic view of about 15 to 20 km...
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    2.9 acres & 4.18 acres for sale on the banks of Kapila river, near Mysooru

    Two plots of land, side by side, measuring 2 acres 9 guntas and 4 acres 18 guntas respectively located near the Hullahalli Dam, on the banks of river Kapila is for sale. Hullahalli Dam is a Century old small Dam, built in the year 1889 across the kapila river. Dam was constructed to...
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    10 acres land for sale on State highway-33 ,near Mysooru,173 km from Bengalooru

    This Fertile agricultural land located on the State Highway - 33, (Mysooru - Manandavadi road) It is just 29 km from Mysooru ring road. It has one borewell, 110 coconut trees, 14 areca nut, one open well, one Farm house ( one room, one hall,kitchen,cowshed,bathroom,godown) and one...
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    3 acres mango and coconut farm in Hampapura near Mysooru

    This land is basically a mango and coconut farm with Tamarind, neem and other wild trees. It is located 23 km from Mysooru - H.D.Kote ring road in Hampapura town. Just 330 mts off Mysooru - Manandavadi State highway. Just 100 mts from this place a school is located. Opp. this land a lake...
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    Beautiful riverside land for sale.Off Blr-Manandavady SH, near Mysore.Ample water.

    A dream place on the banks of perennial river Kabini. Very near to Mysore city - just 23 km from ring road. This exotic place is a plain & fertile land. Compared to the river basin, land is located at an elevated place. So even the heavy downpour during monsoon season, water won't submerge...

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