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    Wanted Wanted Farm Equipment in Hyderabad.

    Looking to rent equipment: bedmaker, mulching and drip installer, plough, power weeder in Hyderabad. Willing to purchase also. We are starting a new farm so we are looking to procure some equipment either on lease or buy
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    Two Brothers Organic Farm – to reconnect with the roots bankers return to agriculture

    “Myself and my brother, Ajinkya left our banking jobs in 2014 and 2010 respectively to turn into full time farmers. Being sons of a farmer, we share an irreplaceable bond with the soil so we took up farming. We wanted to pursue farming in a holistic way therefore we discontinued use of chemicals...
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    River weed for mulching?

    Hi all, In our village there is a river which is full of river weed, long big spring onion like, i don't know what it is called in English. It also has cattail weed. I was wondering, since that weed is abundantly available, why not cut it and use as mulching for natural farming? Barring...
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    high speed mulching/chopper for corn and cotton stalk

    Dear sir We have highspeed chopping and mulching machine suitable for maize/corn and cotton . Speed 1.3 acres/hr Tractor operated Special discounted price Rs 2,55,000 Samart agro, Pune