1. drsantos

    Available Farm Consulting

    Hi, Investment, Resources and knowledge are the three interdependent factors to success in farming. having right knowledge is foremost important even if you have ample of resources and investment. We can help you to gain knowledge in any point of farming that makes you sustainable.
  2. drsantos

    Advertising Free Zoom Education on Floriculture

    Hi Farmer, i am very much interested to support you in the field of floriculture in and out. please whatsapp your details Dr Santosh seeta hyderabad @drsantos Please use private messages to share contact numbers. To send private message to any member, click on username > start conversation
  3. P

    Prof. Nagendhiran Vishwanathan - Founder, Suregrow

    Prof. Nagendhiran Viswanathan, Founder of Suregrow is based out of Coimbatore. He is an automation engineer who has experimented with the possibilities of agriculture infused with automation. In the process he has journeyed through hydroponics, aeroponics and all the versions of farming without...
  4. P

    Dhanpal Nagappa Yallatti – with intercrops to cope with challenges in farming

    “Marigold is the best intercrop in farming. It complements many crops and proficiently controls nematodes, trips and mites. In addition it also secures the crops from diseases. It has the ability to control 40% pests! I use other crops as intercrops too. I have almost all crops in my farm grown...
  5. P

    7 Crop Foundation – first generation farmers opt for multi-cropping and direct sales

    Groceries, fruits and vegetables tops any shopping list of a common man. It will be sold by the farmer and bought by the consumer hence there is no need of any third person in this supply chain! “We know this fact hence instead of selling our farm produce in the wholesale market we decided to...
  6. G

    Wanted roses | Requirement for roses and marigold on daily basis

    Hi, Looking for 400 kg of button roses (100kg of each colour - red, yellow, orange, pink). Also looking for 500 kgs of marigold. Needs to be delivered to Bombay or Chennai or Bangalore or Trichy. This is on daily basis. So expecting a long and beneficial relationship. Waiting to hear...
  7. J

    Required marigold flower saplings

    Hello Everyone I am in need of margold flower saplings for cultivation in my 5 acre farm. Kindly contact me - 08087187138. Thank You!!
  8. 1

    Marigold Seeds for Organic tomato Plantation

    Need good variety of Marigold Seeds ( Marigold works as a deterrence mechanism against most of the pests which affect Tomotoes).
  9. G

    Marigold (Orange color) Buy back arrangement

    Hello: We are planting 1 ha of Marigold (Orange color) this season. Location is near Shankerpally, Hyderabad, AP. We are using East West brand seed for planting. Looking for buy back arrangement from traders etc., who can pay a confirmation advance for the crop and enter into rate agreement...
  10. S

    Marigold cultivation

    Hi.. Am Sanjay I want to take marigold crop in mansoon. give me details about marigold cultivation from start to end. as i am new in the field of agri. Thaking You.
  11. N

    Marigold for sale

    Hi I have about 3/4 acre marigold ready for harvest. Colors available are yellow and gold. Crop is from F1 hybrid seed. Expected production is 150-200 kgs every 3 days. Our farm is located on Mysore-Ooty road, in guldalpet taluk. Please contact me if interested. please contact.. Nikhil

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