Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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    Advisors needed for our Anti-Bacterial Clay Feed Additive

    Looking for Equity based startup Advisor’s, Consultants and Board Directors to help Volmine Inc obtain funding and bring our Anti-bacterial clay mineral to the Global marketplace. Our mines have a proven 60 million tons drilled with assay reports and an estimated 3 billion tons on the mine...
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    DABM at WE school -Transform your career from Agri to Agribusiness !

    Dear Agri graduates and aspiring professionals, Hearty congratulations on successfully completing graduation in agriculture ! But a mere degree and only technical knowledge is not enough to make a headstart for a fulfilling career. Now think ahead. Times are changing. "Agri" is turning into...
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    Dairy Systems Management - standard edition

    Thanks to many requests from our global partners, the Dairy Systems Management Guidebook from "dairymapping" is now avalible in 2 editions. The popular professional edition and now a standard version. * standard edition: •the standard edition is for dairies who want to learn and...