1. U

    Advertising We are supplier of ALL TYPES OF DRY VEGETARIAN ITEMS

    We have Export Quality Product from India with Organic farming. We are Logistics firm with own Freight forwarding, Custom clearance and Transportation. Our Agriculture Products for Export are: Fresh Onion, Lemon, Chili (Frozen & dry), Tomato, Potato, Elephant Yam, Drum stick, Vellary, Red...
  2. Z

    Citrus fruits available

    Specifications: MANDARINE Variety: Mandarine. Size: 30, 36, 42, 48, 54. Packing: 5 Kg open top box. Shipping: Container 40 ft takes 18 TON. Quality Standard: Products meet or exceed the international standard and Europe standard class 1.-The Company also obtained ISO 22000 certificates...
  3. V

    Consulting and Service for Mango, Lemon, Guava, etc.. in Tamilnadu

    We are engaged in Consulting and service for selecting mother plants(market oriented and higher yield variety),crafting method, plantation time, water management and fertilizer and weeding management, fungal and disease management, with 27 years of experience in this field... We also, supply...
  4. abonnaplants

    Wanted Rangpur Lime Rootstocks/Seedlings in Bulk

    Hi, I am looking for Rangpur Lime Rootstock/Seedlings in bulk.Please, contact me at dipen@abonnaplants.com
  5. A

    Nagpur lemon wanted

    WE REQUIRE NAGPUR LEMON IN BULK.. CONTACT:avssaravanakumar@gmail.com
  6. E

    Hitech Agriculture Consultancy.

    Dear Friends, Traditional farming in India is less profit & disease & pest infestation is more but now new farming technology like poly houses, shade net provide better income within a short period of time. This technology reduces the use of irrigation water & make the optimum use of land...
  7. educationteam

    Dipak Medhi - Lemon cultivation - Friday Aug 2, 2013

    You are invited to attend a webinar (live discussion) on Lemon cultivation with Dipak Medhi of Lemon Growers Society, Nagaon, Assam In this live discussion you will be able to ask questions related to cultivation of Lemon How to attend this online meeting: Date: Friday Aug 2, 2013...
  8. A

    Lemon plants wanted

    am looking for lemon plants to be grown in Sonha, Haryana. Since you seem to be in a position to offer the same, pl let me have the following details: 1. Variety of lemon plants you offer and its speciality 2. Age of the plants you offer 3. Height of the plants 4. When will they start...
  9. P

    for sell lemon

    Hello My Dear friend I am Naresh from Gujarat. Lemon and vegetable supplier . I have lots of lemon for sell.if you are interesting contact me
  10. N

    Lemon Plantation

    Hi All, I am in Lucknow can any one help me regarding converting my Land appox 48 acres in district fatehpur UP, i need following, Soil testing lab near By. Soil enhancing if possible, commercial viable varieties of Lemon, Marketing chain, Sourcing of saplings well anything and...
  11. R

    Wanted Seedless Lemon

    Hi I have 15 Acres of land in west bengal & I am thinking of lemon cultivation there. Please let me know what are the various type of lemons available and their prospective to cultivate, Also wld like to know where to buy from and guidance for cultivation of the same. Thanks & Regards Ropan
  12. K

    Agro forestry seeds required

    Dear all, Please feel free to contact me on if you have any of the following . seeds: Papaya Meethi neem Satavari seeds Katanga bamboo seeds Akarkala Sandal ( Chandan ) Lemon (Nibu) Kathal (Jack fruit) Khamer Plants: Sarpgandha Kunal Soni Greenfield Agro Forestry Products Jabalpur
  13. J

    Roof top Gardenning

    I want to have a humble start on this venture.