leafy vegetable farming

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    For Sale Exotic Vegetables grown in Hydroponics.

    Dear All, We have a Green shade net house in Dodballapur,60 kms from Bangalore city. Where we have a Hydroponic set up to grow Leafy vegetables such as Lettuce, Spinach, Celery, Mint, Basil, Amaranthus etc., We can supply each of the greens in more than 20 kgs per day capacity as of now...
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    Gangavva Avaradhi – grows green leafy vegetables for higher profits

    “We grow green leafy vegetables as it has a stable market throughout the year. It also gives quick returns as almost all green veggies are one month crop. Selling veggies is easy because we have the market nearby and I have good customer base, they come to the farm for buying greens directly...