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land available

  1. bhasskar chary

    Land Available Agriculture land 8 acres for lease

    20 kms from mahbubnagar telangana 9 acres land with 2 bore wells and 6 acres drip ready available for joint venture or lease for vegetable pandal system farming
  2. G

    More than 100 acres of Virgin forest land 4R 1.5 lakhs per acre

    Dear all, I have more than 500 acres of Virgin forest land broken into lots of 100, 230, 180 and 500 acres, Cost per acre 1.5 lakhs !!! It is a private land with thick forest . River passes through all pieces of land, so no water problem! Approval for tree cutting obtained from...
  3. I

    Land available for planting teak

    I have land in gonda district U.P. india i want to give my land to contractor to plant 1000 Teak (sagwan) if any one intrested so please call me
  4. S

    Medicinal Plants Buyers Pls Contact - Have 10 Acres ready to grow any plant

    Hi, I am interested in growing Medicinal Plants, I have 10 acres of land at my disposal which is located around 20 Kms from Bangalore City with good water source and I am willing to get into contractual agreement for growing these Medicinal Plants for you, please write to me if you are...