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    Job Required Vacancy in farming

    Hello all my name is Ravikumar from Bangalore I am basically from Coorg I am looking out for job in farm house. I have experience in looking after coffee estate in Coorg so if there is any vacancies in Bangalore please do contact me. Thank you. :)
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    Job Available Production/ operations executive or Farm manager in a commercial hydroponic farm near bangalore

    I am looking for young graduate who would be interested in managing day to day production/ operations in a commercial Hydroponics farm near bangalore. Responsibilities- 1. Ensure smooth running of day to day production 2. Ensure targets are met 3. Record metrics and documentation 4. Basic book...
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    ph.d. plant tissue culture jobs

    i have done Ph.d. in the field of plant tissue culture and have handful of experience of many plants of horticultural and medicinal importance. I am looking forward for the job in the related field in Bangalore.