1. M

    Harvesting vehicle supplier for paddy harvesting (on basis of Rupees per hour)

    HI frnds, We are supplying Harvester vehicles all around Tamil Nadu 7/365 on basis of fixed amount per harvesting hour to farmers ad agents.All types of harvesting vehicle are available for example Karter,Preet,Claas,standard,balkar,Kubota etc... We also supply paddy seeds after the...
  2. L

    Find it Difficult to maintain a stable greenhouse environment?

    Explore the option of going Wireless, using our Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensors for Greenhouses! NHR is proud to introduce to you our wireless temperature and humidity sensor. The temperature and humidity sensor relieves the greenhouse owner from the frustrations of using wired...
  3. ponsanthan

    Major hurdles in medicinal plant cultivation.

    Dear Friends I found following reasons for the loss happened to some growers in the cultivation of medicinal plants.1. Not growing the herb in correct season 2. Growers not able to give sufficient water to the crop 3. Growers are not willing to apply sufficient manure to the crop 4. Growers...
  4. C

    Lawn mower

    Hi, I have a land with tall grass and some thin plants (about a feet tall). Is there any lawn mower sort of machine that can cut them down? I would like to have them evenly cut to make them look like a lawn. Also can this or anything simillar be used to harvest spinach and Amaranthus (as...