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guar gum price

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    News Guar gum and guar seed forward trading started

    Guar gum and guar seed forward trading started on BSE ( Bombay stock exchange) . In this video there is analysis of Starting of future trading on BSE. How this forward trading at BSE will impact guar price. There is also analysis of the Guar gum export on local prices. Currently Two...
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    Guar Gum Cultivation Consultancy

    Guar has emerged a profitable crop for the rainfed area. This is a low investment crop. We provide consultancy for the guar crop cultivation. Guar is a major crop of north western India; India produce maximum guar of the world, Pakistan stands second for the same. The guar seed is final farm...
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    Guar and Guar gum remained strong with demand from factories.

    Yesterday forward business of Guar seed and Guar gum was closed due to upper circuit in NCDEX. Future contract of Guar and Guar gum for February months was closed at Rs 9587/100Kg and Rs 4410/100Kg. During las month NCDEX guar price and NCDEX guar gum price are quoted lower than physical market...