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    Question Lemon Grass Cultivation and Distilleries - Sale and Buy back

    Hi there, We are looking to have a Lemon Grass Distillation Unit in Karnataka. We are looking for Information on 1. How lemon grass can be grown and have netwrok of farmers 2. Who are the machinery providers for Distilling Unit?. 3. Where can we find the subsidy information on Lemon grass and...
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    Wanted to cultivate Aloevera and Manufacture Value Added Products from it

    I wish to cultivate Aloevera and Produce Value added medicinal and cosmetic products from it. If someone could provide detail regarding nature of aloevera farming, sand suitability and Govt Traning classes in Aloevera Productc Manufacturing It would be of great help.
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    Project reports

    We can provide you project reports customized for you for the agriculture project. Please contact us. You can also get the information regarding assistance provided by different Govt Institutes for promotion of different agriculture practices.

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