Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

fruits & vegetables

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    Wanted Business Partner to start Fruits and vegetables business

    Hi Need business partner to start Fruits and vegetables business on B2B model. Location Pan India Need Honest and Hardworking partner and who has Capital to invest. If anyone is interested kindly call for detailed discussion. Thanks
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    For Sale Vegetables For Sale

    Dear Members we are supplying fresh vegetables and fruits on a daily basis to many retailers, Apartments, Hotels, and few supermarket in bangalore, and bulk supply to other parts of india, all the vegetables are procured directly from farmers and the prices will be as per HOPCOM ( selling price...
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    banana fruits and vegetable suppliers

    g9 tissu cultured banana fruits and vegetavle suppliers
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    Contract farming

    We are holding agricultural land of 5 - 10 acres in tamil nadu with water facilities, looking for any crops that can be made on contract basis.
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    best protection for agri products

    Attention all exporters and suppliers: we are providing good packing and protection solution for fruits,vegetables,agri,food,pharma products. we supply : Ethylene absorbers for fruits and vegetables which can keep fresh all your eXports shipments. Oxygen absorbers for fresh meat and...
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    Looking for Mango Saplings

    Hi, We are from Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh. Need about 1+ year of 1000 Mango saplings of different verieties to be supplied from recognized nurseries. Kindly submit the quotation with 100% quality assurance for the following varieties. 1. Banginapalli/Beneshan 2. Thotapuri...
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    Multi-tyre farming

    Hi, I am planning to do multi-tyre farming in a small scale. I am planning to have multiple vegetables, fruits and flowers (preferably annual or less) planted near each other. I am trying to know which will be the right combination. In my search so far, I was able to get this combination only...