Multi-tyre farming


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I am planning to do multi-tyre farming in a small scale. I am planning to have multiple vegetables, fruits and flowers (preferably annual or less) planted near each other. I am trying to know which will be the right combination. In my search so far, I was able to get this combination only for long term-trees. Eg: Coconut trees can be combined with coco and pineapple. There are a few other such combination as well - where all of them co-exist well, in fact they support each other.
This is the kind of combination that I am looking for in fruits, vegetables and flowers which grow and die within a year (like banana, papaya, brinjal, tomato, etc). Can any one help me?


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I have no idea but I found this in forums:

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High value crops


In banana you may intercrop patchouli with little adjustment in row spacing.Patchouli is a high value crop and you may sell dry herb as such or can distill to produce oil. It may give return equal to banana.
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Multi tyre farming

Dear sir,

Really i apprecite the multi tyre farming.Its is nice one.In coconu gardens please plant Nutmeg saplings.This one kind of spice item and also medicinal value.The demand of nutmeg is evergreen.we will do the farming nutmeg by turnkey basis.we will provide grafted / budded saplings afforable rate.

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