fresh turmeric

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    Organic Fresh Turmeric curcumin very high

    We are specialized in offering Organic Fresh Turmeric Roots curcumin very high , procured from reliable sources of the market. Fresh Turmeric Roots are used in many cuisines and help in protecting food from sunlight. Our Fresh Turmeric Roots are appreciated for rich aroma and great flavor. These...
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    Fresh Turmeric Rhizome for Sale

    Dear Traders Fresh yield of Turmeric Rhizome is for sale upto 100MT. If intrested, please send your response through inbox. PINK NURSERIES
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    Fresh Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) for Sale

    Hello all Fresh Turmeric of this season is for sale. (Upto 100MT). Its freshly pulled out. Niether boiled or dried). If anybody interested, contact by inbox. PINK NURSERIES