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    China electric fence supplier for farms

    WHO Shenzhen Tongher Technology Co.,Ltd ,also called Tongher Electric Fence,Tongher Fence,is established since 2007,dedicating to provide stable professional products,solutions and services of electric fence system, Tongher has offered perimeter security services and agricultural livestock...
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    Electric fence for cattle

    Farm electric fence energizer,electric fence is a psychological and physical barrier to deter animals or intruders from crossing a fence or boundary via high voltage pulse shock. It is widely used around the wolrd,Tongher supply a full range of electric fence products to you,then you can save...
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    A-1 Fence is the leading barbed wire manufacturer and exporter in India. Barbed wire fencing is perhaps one of the oldest forms of fencing, made out of steel wire. Even today, barbed wire is one of the most sought after fencing solution for farms, agricultural lands, residential apartments &...
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    FENCE for your FARMS @ very affordable rates!

    Any one of these fencing is must to keep your farms safe & secure! + SOLAR ELECTRIC FENCE + HONEYCOMB FENCE + BARBED WIRE FENCE (Send us a Private Message with your contact details & we will send you a best quote)