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    HBI - Pirandai (Cissus Quadrangularis) Comprehensive information –Rs 200/ soft copy

    Dear Herbarian, We are pleased to share that the 193rd HBM at deliberated on Pirandai in an inclusive way. Participants were given updated information on Agro -Technology Commercial aspects and on overseas demand & supply. POINTS FOR PONDERING PIRANDAI - wild crop having multiple...
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    Wanted project reports on turmeric extraction

    We are in look out for Detailed project report on Turmeric and its plant materials processing for extraction of oleo-resins,medicinal compounds. These products extracted are meant for US/Europe markets.The quality standard shall be matching to their standards. Consultancy service providers...
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    Info about Banana Fiber extraction

    Can anyone tell me how many Kilograms (once dried) of fiber we can take from a single banana tree. and can someone tell me how many kgs a banana tree weighs ????
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    Banana Fiber extraction and related topics

    Can anyone tell me The average weight of a banana tree and how many Kg of fiber (dried) we can take out of a tree. and do someone know the average price of 1kg of banana Fiber?
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    For sale: pyrethrins of over 50%

    Dear Sir /Madam, which is a professional manufacturer of Pyrethrins and Natural Insecticides Manufacturer (extracted from pyrethrum) in China. Our company has successfully applied to the pyrethrum extraction, and guarantees high quality Pyrethrins of over 50%. We not only supply Pyrethrins...
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    How to market Pyrethrum products in EU market

    Dear Friends here! We are a grower of pyrethrum in large scale in China; and During June-July of next year our pyrethrum products of new crop season of 2010/2011 will be put into the market. It is said that in EU there is a large potential market for pyrethrum products, but we are not...
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    For sale: pyrethrum series products from China

    We are in Yunnan province, China and which is devoting to research and development, cultivation, processing, marketing of green extracted products for more than 10 years. Yunnan Province is known as the Botanical Kingdom of china. The advantaged high altitude, soils and temperatures are ideal...

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