Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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    For Sale Drip irrigation system, Drip irrigation manufacturer, Suppliers in India

    Drip Irrigation Systems - Leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of drip irrigation, Drip Irrigation Valve, Joiner, Drip Irrigation Tee, Drip Irrigation Elbows, Drip Irrigation Lateral Cock, drip irrigation system price Ahmedabad, Drip irrigation system India
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    Wanted Biofertilizer Exporter

    Vacant Position for Asst. Manager / Executive in a group of large manufacturing companies. Qualification: Graduate/ Post Graduate. Job Profile: A good Knowledge on Computer. 3-5 Years Experience in Agricultural line Knowledge on Exporting of Agricultural Products Knowledge on...
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    Kuberin Spices Trade World

    A world of flavor! We offer a huge selection of over 400 spices, herbs, seasonings and ingredients. Buy quality products from us that we offer at a much discounted rate.
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    Wanted Exporter for Biofertilizers and Organic Products

    We are the Leading Manufacturers and Marketers of Bio fertilizers, Bio Pesticides and Organic Products. We are having wide range of Products with the best Quality and Quantity with a Reasonable Rates. Interested Candidates kindly contact.,
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    Looking for Chickpeas Buyers, Importers

    Chickpeas available for Sale. Also, We can do the full job done for Chickpeas Buyers, Importers - right from Domestic Mandi purchasing-grading-stuffing-certification-insurance-port/warehouse delivery @1 % commission basis. Regards
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    Cultivation of Medicinal Plants in India and Government Support

    Cultivation of Medicinal Plants in India and Government Support Medicinal Plants play an improtant role in human life to combat diseases since time immemorial. The rural folks and tribals in India even now depend largely on the surrounding plants/forests for their day-to day needs. Medicinal...