Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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    Turmeric seed in Bulk Quantities from Ethiopia

    We have Ethiopian grown turmeric seed for sale in bulk quantities. Any interested party can contact us for price and other details
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    We provide information & consultancy on Agricultural Investment in Ethiopia

    Thyme Agrotech PLC acquired its investment license & land in Ethiopia after a lot of struggle & time even in the so called "Investment Friendly Environment". Though initially the Investment office appears very friendly & helpful, but the whole process starts after that. It takes a lot of...
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    canada,usa,ethiopia,africas americas agriculturlands buyers wanted

    We provide the following services :- 1.LOCATING/ARRANGING LANDS FOR AGRICULTURE/MINING ON LEASE BASIS OR ON OUTRIGHT BASIS in the following countries ETHIOPIA AFRICAS AMERICAS CANADA ASIA 2. TO arrange company formation in the above countries and opening a bank account and to prepare lease...