1. worm10

    Advertising Highly Reputed Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Supplier of Vermicompost ( Organic Fertilizer ), Red Earthworm, Vermibeds,

    We are Highly Reputed Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Supplier of Vermicompost ( Organic Fertilizer ), Red Earthworm, Vermibeds, With the aim to sell the best organic compost Worldwide. We have come up with products that are 100% original and safe to use. Our items are generated in Gaushala and...
  2. lalitds36

    Available Vermicompost - Cow Dung Based

    Vermicompost - Cow Dung Based Our vermicompost is uniform in quality as we use only cow dung. Vermicompost is considered superior to cow manure due to higher content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and also it has higher water holding capacity.
  3. A

    Vermi Compost for sale in Kanchipuram, Cuddalore and Thiruvannamalai Districts

    High Quality Vermi Compost for Sale in Kanchipuram, Thiruvannamalai and Cuddalore Districts. 50 kg bag for Rs 300.00 (transportation extra). Bulk orders taken. Earthworms also available for sale. For details please contact: Ajay Tannirkulam - +91 9445392454,
  4. 2compost

    Hk global enterprises - bulk price- vermicompost, bio-compost,cocopeat , neem cake

    Contact us for best quality & price of vermicompost, neem cake, cocopeat, bio-compost, vermibeds & earthworms. Available in bulk and retail quantity. Delivery facility available. Visit us Vermi Compost,Vermi Compost Beds,Vermi Compost Supplier,Trader we also provide waste management...
  5. 2compost

    vermicompost earthworms & vermicompost beds neem cake & powder grow bags 9980400241

    We are supplying vermicompost, neem cake, neem powder, earthworms, vermi beds of different sizes in bulk. please contact for your requirements. HK GLOBAL ENTERPRISES VISIT US: Vermicompost - Vermicompost Beds and Banana Chips Manufacturer and Exporter | HK Global Enterprises, Bengaluru...
  6. N

    VermiCompost For Sale

    Hi, This is Naresh Boyapati. I have VermiCompost Unit in Hyderabad. We supply VermiCompost,EarthWorms and Neem Cake also. If anyone require please contact me(Providing 100% Quality). For any further queries dont hesitate to call us. Regards, Naresh B,
  7. 2compost

    vermi compost earthworms & vermicompost beds +91 9980400241

    Pure vermicompost, earthworms and vermicompost beds for sale at wholesale price.
  8. S


    hi. I am looking for good quality earthworm suppliers in Hyderabad. Can someone please suggest someone
  9. P

    Vermicompost pits, vermicompost & worms for sale

    Dear all We are vermicompost manufacuturer Based in Bangalore. We can supply good quantity of vermicompost on regular orders. Any body interested in buying vermicompost pits, worms or vermicompost please contact us. Regards Prakash
  10. B


    huge quantities of Eudrillus euginae earthworms for sale

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