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diabetics remedy

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    Anti Diabetic Tea from Insulin Plant leaf !

    Anti diabetic Tea (Insulin Plant Leaf Tea /Costus Pictus ) - Looking for distributors from cities/town across India. All certification done. Existing distributors of FMCG product will be preferred. Min investment of Rs. 20,000/ only. Mail brief details to Nethra ogranic...
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    Stevia powder are use in diabeties controll

    ACI AGRO SOLUTION COMPANY IS CERTIFIED WITH ISO 9001:2008 QMS & ISO 22000:2005 FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM WITH HACCP CERIFIED. We are cultivation and consultancy of medicinal plant.And we provide extract of medicinal plant.The stevia plant extract are more benefit of diabetise because...
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    Wanted distributors natural sweetnar stevia extract (sugar free product)

    The Honey Leaf Extract is Available in 4 Type of packing size 2 Gm, 3 Gm, 5 Gm and 10 Gm. The packing is dispenser type. By pressing one time the sufficient powder for one cup of tea, comes out. The six bottles in each box of 2 Gm, 3 Gm,5 Gm and 10 Gm size. There is very good opportunity to...
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    Insulin plant leaves (fresh) avl by courier !

    Dear All Leaf a day keep Diabetics away ! We can supply insulin plant leaves (fresh) (organicaly )grown on daily or alternative days basis by courier. within India only. Reatailers enquiry welcome from chennai city. Contact Venkat 9444630429 (chennai) or mail to...