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    Export quality organic curcumin to canada

    looking to sample 500g curcumin extract organic certified
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    Raw Turmeric Sale

    We have 22 bighas raw turmeric cultivation in West Uttar Pradesh. We want to sell raw turmeric. Interested buyers contact. Raw turmeric is the raw material for turmeric boiler plants. Owners of turmeric boiler plant who can produce turmeric fingers please contact. Is there any...
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    Curcumin for Sale

    Sir, Curcumin 95% is available for immediate sale. Please call 9543925379 or mail to for your requirements.
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    Wanted project reports on turmeric extraction

    We are in look out for Detailed project report on Turmeric and its plant materials processing for extraction of oleo-resins,medicinal compounds. These products extracted are meant for US/Europe markets.The quality standard shall be matching to their standards. Consultancy service providers...
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    Tons of high curcuminoid turmeric available for sales

    Dear Lady & Gentlemen I would like to take this opportunity to purpose our turmeric and other herbs for your consideration. Our company mainly grow tons of turmeric and other herbs in Thailand for 30 years in the western part of Thailand. We process all chains tons ofturmeric starting from...
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    Prathibha Turmeric Seed for Sale

    Hi, I have around 125 tonnes of high quality Prathibha turmeric (Developed by the Indian Institute of Spices Research, Kozhikode) seed rhizomes which will be ready by January end, 2013. If you are interested you may please contact me at 09946041946 or mail me at Cost of...
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    turmeric rhizomes required

    we need turmeric rhizomes of good quality in large quantity depending upon variet and quality......interested ppl may contact