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costus pictus

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    Insulin Plant (Costus Pictus) for sale.

    We sell insulin plant (Costus Pictus) in bulk to farmers/nurseries. We are located near Vellore. Call Nethra Organic Farm 9444630429 or mail to Delivery at your own means of transport. Serious buyers only contact and no agents please. Buyers who need minimum 1000...
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    Insulin plant fresh leaves (Herbal sugar controller)

    Wanted wholesalers dealing vegetables/Keerai from Bangalore/Pondicherry as exclusive dealer for buying Insulin plant fresh leaves - CFostus Pictus leaves - (Organic herbal sugar controller) on alternative days. Supply from Vellore dist. Those who require Min 100 kg and above only need to...
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    Costus Pictus (Insulin plant) powder.

    We Aditi Agro Farm based in Chennai (india), who cultivate Costus Pictus herbal Plants (Insulin plants) which has Anti-diabetic properties. Costus Pictus extract in herbal powder form suits to the following industries. Pl mail to or call 09444630429 We supply...
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    Insulin plant (Costus Pictus) fresh leaves available at Chennai.

    Insulin plant (Costus Pictus) fresh leaves available at Chennai, on alternative day basis. Call 9444630429. Min 15 Kg per day.
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    Costus Pictus Plant avl for sale

    We sell costus Pictus plants (Insulin Plants) at Chennai. Pl contact Aditi Agro farm 9444630429 or Mail your Reqt to Visit Garden Tonic - Insulin Powder Herbal - Aditi Herbals controls sugar for more details.
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    Wanted Distributors for Insulin powder (Costus Pictus) !

    We manufacture insulin powder as Herbal sugar controller from Costus Pictus (Insulin Plants) . It controls sugar in 45 days for Type 2 and 90 days for Type 1 without any side effects. Pl visit Garden Tonic - Insulin Powder Herbal - Aditi Herbals controls sugar ( online buying option...
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    Insulin Plants for Sale in Chennai and Tada, AP

    Costus pictus D. Don commonly called 'insulin plant' or 'spiral ginger' belonging to the family of Zingiberaceae, is a plant whose leaves have been shown to have a hypoglycemic effect when consumed. Insulin leaves helps to control the blood sugar level and you can use it as preventive measure...
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    Insulin plant leaves powder avl in Chennai

    Pl call P.S. Venkat 9444630429 Chennai.