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community farming

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    Opportunity Community Farm Life / Group agriculture

    Going back to Nature... making our dream come true Hello friends I am from odisha currently residing in maharashtra. Was always interested in living close to nature so after a lot of thoughts I've decided to move back to lead a life which is close to nature and more connected to mother earth...
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    Question Are non-agri professionals interested in growing Sandalwood as a community retirement plan?

    Hi, is it possible for non agri professionals to grow sandalwood as a community and harvest 15-20 years later (retirement plan). Are there anyone here interested in it? We can buy land in a good altitude place as a society and grow long term plants legally.
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    Farmhouse Project Near Bangalore

    Attention Urban Farmers - Farmhouse Project Near Bangalore Dream Farmhouse Plots with 50+ Amenities near Bangalore (Actual Images Attached) To support community farming for urban population, a picturesque farmhouse project is created about 70 kms from Bangalore. A perfect eco-village aiming...