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cashew nuts

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    For Sale Nut processing machine

    We are nut processing machine manufacturer, we are mainly specialized in cashew nut, peanut, almond, walnut, cocoa beans processing machine. If you look for the machinery to process your nut,you can contact us.
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    Kokum (Garcinia indica ),Cashew Nuts with shells & other herbs

    We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the suppliers of Kokum (Garcinia indica ),Cashew Nuts with shells & other herbs. What is Kokum & its benefits ? Kokum juice benefits for skin. Juice extracted from this fruit is sweet and sour and thus liked by many. Kokum is also used for...
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    Cashew Bulk quantity Available- Contact Immediately

    Hello all, We have good quality cashew available. If anyone required for bulk please do contact immediately 09677605316 email me
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    Establishing cashew Nut Processing Unit in West African Countries

    Dear Sir/Maa'm, I am an indian and want to establish a Cashew Nut Processing Unit in one of the West African Countries like Ghana, Benin, Cote D'Ivoire, Guinea Bissau. can some one please let me know about the constraints I have to face to establish in these countries ? which country...
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    Moisture Content, While deciding the Price of Raw Cashew Nut

    Dear Sir/Maa'm, I want to import Raw Cashew Nuts from the countries like Ghana, Benin, Cote D' Ivoire and Guinea Bissau. I want to know the Impact of Moisture Content on the Prices of Raw Cashew Nuts. How this is declared during the Import? what are the precaution one should take before...
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    Cashew Nuts For Sale (RAW, & Roasted)

    Organically grown, good grade cashew nut for sale. Available in 3 varieties:[LIST=1] Natural (raw) Roasted with salt Roasted with salt & spices EXCELLENT FOR CATERING, PARTY SNACKS OR GIFTS.
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    Automatic Cashew Nuts Shelling Machine From China

    We SCUIC is specialzed company in grain and nuts processing machine in China. Now i would like to introduce our automatic cashew nuts shelling machine to you. The processing capacity is approximately 25-30 KG / hour,(depending on the size of cashew nuts) Shelling ratio: 95% Ratio of...
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    sale cashewnuts

    VNagrifactory is Vietnamese producer and direct exporter of agricultural products mainly: Cashew nuts Other agriproducts for industry. Our products are faithful quality, most reasonable cost with good service, regular delivery, cheap and safe. Yours truly, Vnagrifactory Please contact..