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boer goats

  1. F

    Pure Bred Boer Goats for sale

    I've pure bred boer goats with pedigree certificate, available for sale at very reasonable price at my farm in north India. Some farms in India are selling this goat at very high prices. These are considered world's best meat purpose goat breed which can be used to cross breed with other Indian...
  2. mr_boer

    Plastic slatted floor For Goat rearing - For Sale

    Starting a Stall fed Goat farm? Planning for elevated platform method with wooden reapers?? Then think about slatted plastic floor for elevated floor. The advantage of Plastic Slatted floor over Conventional wooden Slated floor, were 1. Long life, up to or more than 10 years. 2. Can be...
  3. J

    Boer Cross

    Friends, 50% Boer cross breed Male available for Sale. Available : 3+us month old kids. Average weight : 10+us. Cost : 750/kg. Contact: +91 9902329636 +91 9341669411
  4. U

    Boer Goat Market

    Hi Experts , I have heard a lot about Boer Goat farming . As per my investigation the the current cost of Boer is around 25000 per 50 - 60 Kgs , Which boils down to around 600 - 800 per KG . Do we have market for this in India ? Are there any special shops where they sell Boer Goat Meat...
  5. S

    Where Can I get Pure Boer Goats For Breeding

    hi, We Required Pure Boer goats for Breeding for out Goat Farm in coimbatore , tamil nadu, Can Anybody give information on where to by the Boer Goats. Thanks in Advance regards Srikumar