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    bio pestside

    i am having bio pesticide for agriculture of rice,cotton,mirchi,fruits which prevent from insects
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    Wanted Marketing Agents

    Dear viewers, wanted Marketing Agents for Biofertilizers and Organic Products Kindly contact on this thread mail us: contact on +91 5251 234348 +91 9453045433 Parle Kissan Sewa Kendra Parsendi, Kaisarganj Bahraich U.P
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    bio fertilizer

    [COLOR="Red"]High quality organic fertilizer manufactured from quality raw materials with Japanese fermentation technology for sale. Proven effects on rubber plantations with high yield, Pineapple with high yield, ginger with less spoilage and high yield Interested bulk farmers and plantations...
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    areca plates

    we various size of areca leaf plates for futhure contact karthikeyan Please contact...