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    Land Required 40 acres agriculture land

    I want 40 - 50 acres of agriculture land in either Bihar, Jharkhand or Madhya Pradesh. I am willing to pay ₹35,000 to ₹40,000 /per acre of land. Kindly get in touch with me .
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    700 ton potato available for sale in Feb 2014 - Bihar

    Hi, I am promotor of contract farming and growing potato in contract farming. It will be made available for sale in the month of feb 2014. Approx potato will be available of 700 ton and all will be of grad = A potato. I have aligned all these farmers in contract farming way. If any one...
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    Resource Sharing - Use our Land for Free

    I am writing to connect with like-minded people who are willing to start a farming enterprise, either in partnership or individually. We own huge chunks of land available in the state of Bihar, about 150 Acres, broadly spread in two major areas...
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    Consultancy for Farming in Bihar

    We have about 35 acres of land in a small town in Bihar. The town is connected by railroad and roads. The land also has borewells for irrigation. I need someone to consult and let me know what is best possible strategy in terms of kind of crop/plantation. What kind of investment will it require...