berry farming

  1. abonnaplants

    Progress of Blueberry plants in India( comments with pictures)

    Blueberries have successfully started growing in India with correct cultivation practice. I am extremely happy with this. Within 2-4 years the majority of these plants will have 4 to 6 stems 1 meter and taller with many fruits.These plants are a great indication for the future of the berry...
  2. V

    Amla - Indian goose berries for Sale - AP near Hyderabad

    Amla fruit (India Goose Beerries) Nellikai - Tamil, Usiri kaya - Telugu, is available for sale approximately 7 tons available. 3 varieties NA7, BSR, Desi varieties. No pesticides used, naturally grown in Mahabubnagar, 100 KM from Hyderabad
  3. abonnaplants

    Blueberry Farming ( Planting Blueberries)

    Blueberry Farming ( soil preparation) Blueberries grow best in highly acidic. To grow this plant in India will need similar conditions and any soil with a pH above 6.0 is unsuitable. All blueberries will produce the biggest crop of the sweetest berries if grown in full sun though they can be...

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