Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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    Wanted Dealers/Channel Partners/Marketers for Marketing Value Added Amla Products etc

    Wanted Dealers/Channel Partners/Marketers all over South India and Abroad (especially GCC) to distribute/market diverse value added herbal food products, condiments, pickles, candies etc manufactured by a leading Gramodyog Samithi of North India, with FSSAI, ISO and HACCP and other...
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    Booking started for supply of fruit plants

    Dear all , we can provide the seedlings ( budded & Grafted) of the following plants : Mango Dasheri, langra, chausa,amrapali,mallika,ambika,arunima, sensation ( german clone) Guava L-49, allahabad safeda, shweta, lalit Bael: C-1,C-2...
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    Bell (aegle marme-los) seeds wanted

    Hi, I am located in Pune. Where can I get Bell seeds or fruits? Move over ?sharbat?, 'bel' seeds are more precious - The Times of India My dad has diabetes, want to try if this helps... Thanks, Suhas Savant