areca leaf plate

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    Areca plates

    We are manufacturing good quality and hygienic Areca plates in following sizes: 12" , 10" ,8" and 6". Please contact the following email and phone#. Cell#9444076005, 9445379638.
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    Areca leaf plates & bowls

    We are the suppliers of ARECA LEAF & BAOWLS in all sizes. Please contact if required in any quantity. Ph no : 09972644226
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    Paper Carry Bags & Areca Leaf Plates For Sale

    Hello Friends, We are manufacturing eco friendly paper carry bags and areca leaf plates. These bags can be used in textiles, jewellery and more.. we are looking for local orders as well as if any merchant exporters interested in exporting these goods are kindly requested to contact us. The...
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    Can anyone know about the making of Areca leaf plates?

    Hello,Does anyone know about making of Areca leaf plates? please let me know. Thank you
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    Sell Areca/Supari Leaf Plates

    Dear Buyers, We are the Manufacturers of quality Areca Leaf Plates with following size: 5"-Bowl - Rs.2 each 6"-Round Plate - Rs.2 each 8"-Round Plate -Rs.2.5 each 10"-Round Plate - Rs. 3 each 12"-Round Plate - Rs.4 each It is suitable for all parties,occasions,vacations,caterings,poojas etc...