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    Opportunity Wanted Dealers & Commission Agents for Organic Aqua Feed Supplements

    Wanted Dealers & Commission Agents for - Organic Aqua Feed Supplements for Shrimp, Prawn and Fish. Please contact .
  2. L

    Alfalfa hay available...

    Hi All, We are having Alfalfa Hay for Local & Domestic Supply. We can supply to almost any part of India except North-Eastern state .. Supply quantum depends on Demand, though we can supply round the year. The Alfalfa Hay is economically priced so that every Dairy, Goat, Horse stable...
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    Poultry & Animal Feed Available

    Soya chunk for poultry feed available in any quantity and any type of animal feed available. For more details please contact us with specifications Aegiz Agro Consultant
  4. G

    want to buy Pigs for my firm

    Hello, I want to purchase some pigs for my new pig firm... if you have some idea where to buy a good quality pig then please contact me ... or reply to this msg. thnks !
  5. bharatbook

    US Pet Market Outlook 2009-2010 - Surviving and Thriving in Challenging Economic Time

    U.S. Pet Market Outlook 2009-2010: Surviving and Thriving in Challenging Economic Times During the current macroeconomic environment the much touted recession resistance of the pet industry is being put to the test like never before—and appearing to hold up as of March 2009. ( U.S. Pet Market...
  6. bharatbook : Deep research Report on Dog care in India to 2013 added a new report on "Dog care in India to 2013" which used to Develop business strategies by understanding the quantitative trends within the dog care market in India. Dog care in India to 2013 This databook provides key data and information on the dog care market in...
  7. bharatbook

    China animal slaughtering industry launches a new report on " China animal slaughtering industry" Provides detailed information and analysis on animal slaughtering industry in China. China animal slaughtering Industry 2009 China animal slaughtering Industry, 2009 is valuable for anyone who wants to invest in...